Sunday, February 28, 2010

Training: Week of Feb. 21, 2010

Total mileage: 55
Races: Mt. Mitchell Challenge(34-36miles) - 1st  4:31.16

Sun - Morning 4m @7.53   Total - 4

Mon - Afternoon 4m @~7.30   Total - 4    My mid/upper is killing me.

Tue - Off    Back is just too locked up.  Can't turn head or twist torso.

Wed - Afternoon 6m @~7.25   Total - 6

Thu - Afternoon 6m @~7.18   Total - 6

Fri - Off   Trying give my back a little more rest for Mt. Mitchell

Sat - Morning 35m - Mt. Mitchell Challenge  4:31.16    Total - 35

February Summary:
Total Mileage - 321 (Highest Feb. total ever)
Races - 3
2/13 Groundhog Gallop 10.5M 1st 1:09.20
2/20 Hardcore Serious Trail Runners 8K 1st     31.35  CR
2/27 Mt. Mitchell Challenge  34-36M 1st 4:31.16

On Sunday my back was bothering me some.  It was mainly my lower back on the left side.  Then I woke up on Monday and the low back felt okay.  But my mid/upper back, mostly on the right side, had gone absolutely berserk and Tuesday was in full lockdown mode.  I was somewhat concerned all week as Mt. Mitchell Challenge was on Saturday.  I had a DNF there last year as my back was all whacked there last year.  I would have been more concern if it had happened later in the week or if not for Where's Waldo in August.  My back did about the same before Where's Waldo 100K this year, but worse.  Then I ran fine at Where's Waldo and ran fine at Mt. Mitchell this Saturday.  So maybe the key to managing my back and racing is to have it go totally crazy a few days before racing.  Then it'll be okay on race day.  I'll get a race report up later in the day with some photos hopefully, then disappear into my greenhouse for another week.

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