Thursday, March 25, 2010

Training: Weeks of Feb. 28, Mar. 7, & Mar. 14 2010

I have returned from what seems to be my annual disappearing act of grafting season at the nursery.  Grafting is my nursery and has a limited time period to get done.  If the buds start to break, I'm done whether I want to be or not.  I did get shut down a couple of days early this year.  I seem to start late too many years and this year I set a new personal best for starting late.  Anyway I finished on Sunday and I am getting back to a normal life.  I started grooming again on Sunday too, some of you think I am joking.  My hair is long, for me.  I can make it look like Wolverine, which I plan to do for the next two races.  I'll get a picture.  Alison has adjusted quite well to my grafting season madness.  That's why I married her or it was for the bedroom wrestling, which we got back to on Sunday as well, after I shaved.

Week of Feb. 28, 2010

Total mileage: 20
Races: none

Sun - Off

Mon - Afternoon 3m @~9.30   Total - 3

Tue - Off

Wed - Afternoon 4m @~7.50   Total - 4

Thu - Afternoon 5m @~7.30   Total - 5

Fri - Afternoon 8m @~7.45   Total - 8

Sat - Off

Very busy working and my back is giving me hell, partly caused by work.

Week of Mar. 7, 2010

Total mileage: 67
Races: Ellerbe Marathon (sort of, I was pacing a friend) 3:22.18

Sun - Morning 4m @7.55; Afternoon 8m @7.51   Total -12

Mon - Afternoon 8m @~7.30   Total - 8

Tue - Afternoon 8m - 2 x 1000(3.30, 3.32) w/400 recovery, 2 x 500(1.37, 1.36) w/200 rec., 2 x 300(.54, .54) w/200 rec.(Did the high school kids workout with them)   Total - 8

Wed - Afternoon 2m @~7.30   Total - 2

Thu - Afternoon 10m 8 x 200(35-37)x200(45-49) 3200 meters in 11.18;cooldown/warmup 3200 meters in 11.14(5.38, 5.36)   Total - 10

Fri - Off

Sat - Morning 27m - Ellerbe Marathon   3:22.18; Warmup 1m   Total - 27

Still working like mad, back still unhappy, really unhappy by Saturday evening.  Pacing and running the marathon with my friend Jay was a good time, though.  I really enjoyed doing it with him and hope he doesn't hate me for all the crazy stuff I said to him.  I thought one of his comments was funny.  Late in the race, 20+, Jay wanted to walk, just a 30 second walk break.  Qualifying for Boston was still in reach at that point, but slipping.  I wouldn't let Jay walk, I told him to run until he fell over unable to move.  After the race he told me his thoughts of "I'm a grown man, I can walk if I want to."  Crystal, his wife, asked if he walked.  Jay said no, he couldn't with me yelling at him.  If I wasn't so busy, I could have enjoyed it more.

Week of Mar. 14, 2010

Total mileage: 12 1/2
Races: none

Sun - Off

Mon - Off

Tue - Afternoon 1/2m @~8.00   Total - 1/2

Wed - Afternoon 3m @~7.30   Total - 3

Thu - Afternoon 7m @~7.30   Total - 7

Fri - Off

Sat - Evening 2m @8.04   Total - 2

Back was really screwed up most of the week.  My right leg just wouldn't work.  Finally got down to see Dr. Firczak, my chiropractor, on Thursday.  I was pretty locked up he said and I did not adjust easily or at all in my SI joint.  It did help, but didn't cure everything.  I felt significantly better on Saturday, but turned my ankle running in the dark that night.  I decided to just go home and ice it.  Sunday would be a new week and I'd finish grafting on Sunday.

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