Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Training: Week of July 4, 2010

A Mountain Runner Pole Vaults

Total mileage: 34
Races: Grandfather Mtn. Highland Games - Mile, 440, 880, 2 Mile, & Pole Vault

Sun - Lunch 4m @~7.34 Total - 4

Mon - Morning 4m @~7.34; Evening Bike 25m @21.2 mph Total - 4

Tue - Evening 8m - 3m tempo @5.46 avg., plus 4 x 100 strides Total - 8

Wed - Off

Thu - Evening 10m @~7.40 Total - 10

Fri - Off

Sat - Lunch 8m - Grandfather Mtn. Highland Games Track Meet: Mile - 5.08, 440 - ~.90, 880 - ~2.36, 2 Mile - 11.45, Pole Vault - 10' Total - 8

The back is doing a bit better. Pick a cure as I have been trying a little of everything, so maybe it is taking all of it. The new mattress seems to help as does the massages,
chiropractor, exercises, an inversion table, ultrasound, heel lift for short leg, supplements, hair cut, vaulting, and butt rubbing? Okay got crazy there at the end, but hopefully something will work. Hope to gradually ease my milage back up some the next couple of weeks.

The Highland Games on Saturday were a blast. Several of my old vaulting friends were not
there, but a few were. I went up hoping to win overall performer of the meet and big pewter platter. I signed up for 5 events, my first event, the Mile. I quickly noticed a high schooler, Andrew Vandenberg, that I knew
was good. Andrew, and his younger brother, had beaten me a couple of years ago at a 5K. I stayed close through halfway, but wanted to keep it as easy as possible. I split 2.40. The high schooler pushed a little the third lap and hard the whole last lap. I was never more than a handful of yards back and pulled up to his shoulder in the last 100 yards. He surged and I sprinted hard. I won with 5.08 and 2.28 last half. My goose was also cooked, my legs were immediately heavy. I would guess that was worth sub 5.00 on a normal track. I was up to vault in less than 2 minutes. I told myself to just be a sprinter and somehow cleared, but was ugly. Then I had to go straight over to the 440 yard, I was just jogging, 3rd of 3. The winning time only 1.15, but my legs were shot. I had my last lap of Mile under 70. Next was another couple of vaults with no legs and no chance of clearing. Then on to the 880 yard. I was leading at halfway with a pedestrian 1.2o. Another young guy went by and I thought, "The pace is slow, just hang on and you can out sprint him." The pace was slow and I got dropped at 300 out going even slower. The four events had taken place in about 40 minutes. I was done for the rest of the day as soon
as I won the Mile. I talked to Andrew some before the 2 Mile which I ran a little slower
than my normal tempo pace. I did not feel like another hard effort and didn't mind seeing Andrew get one of the small platters for winning an event. It was good to really race something short and fast. I didn't think I had that kind of speed in me. So I feel good about my fitness and cycling often seems to help my speed. My high school vaulter also went up and pole vaulted well, tying her vault personal best. Then she ran the 220 yard and won, a platter for her as well.

MacRae Meadow with Grandfather Mountain in Background

Bagpipe Competition

Heavy Athletics - Caber

Heavy Athletics - Tossing the Sheaf

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