Sunday, April 4, 2010

Training(Laugh): Week of Mar. 28, 2010

Total mileage: 23 1/2
Races: Mt. Penn Mudfest 15K   4th   1:02.50

Sun - Off

Mon - Bike 10 @16.5mph

Tue - Bike 12 @17.2mph

Wed - Afternoon 2 1/2m @~8.20   Total - 2 1/2

Thu - Afternoon - Michelle's torture treatment, otherwise known as massage; 
          Evening 5m @8.10   Total - 5

Fri - Off

Sat - Morning 16m - Mt. Penn Mudfest 15K 1:02.50 @6.45 avg.   Total - 16

I'll describe this past week as rest/recovering for the first half and tapering for the second half.  That works, right?  In previous years, the La Sportiva Mountain Cup has not started until late May, this year April 3rd with Mt. Penn.  I had been planning on doing the Cup again this year and this race was within driving distance being in PA.  The Cup schedule wasn't announced until early March.  I had put Bel Monte on my race schedule before Christmas and didn't want to miss that.  So I was left with a choice, cut one or try both.  I don't see going from a short race to an ultra as any real problem, ultra to short in a week is tough for me.  With that in mind I feel like Mt. Penn went well.  My body never felt good and recovered all week and didn't feel that way on Saturday.  But I was okay.  I warmed up with Derek Schultz and Jason.  I knew then that I was going to be hanging on.  During the race, my legs just couldn't push to that acute speed and pain of a shorter race.  I ran hard, but my body was still running a ultra.  I just didn't have legs, no pop or bounce.  Top 5 was my goal and I got 4th.  But the racer in me can't help but want more.  Two of the guys in front of me are sub 14 5K runners, I can now say I am a sub 17 5K guy again(16.46 in Oct.).  The other guy has been on the US Mountain team the previous two years, 2009 Mountain Cup winner, and 2008 Olympic Trials marathoner.  I really shouldn't beat any of these guys, but...  I'm delusional enough to want to and to try.  So I beat the people I was "supposed" to beat, but I want to beat the ones I'm not "supposed" to beat.  Some friends have suggested I be more satisfied with my running.  I am happy with my running achievements, but I like the driven, pursuing part of my personality.  Racing is my outlet for that.  I have a saying for myself and that I tell Alison sometimes, "When your dreams get too big, go delusional."  That is not Alison's personality, but she has come to realize that it works for me somehow.  I like my delusional, pretend world.  Alison also says the more I accomplish, the less delusional my goals are.  Which kind of sucks.

I have also tended to race a lot over the past couple of years.  No apologizes there either.  I really enjoy the races, seeing running friends, and meeting new people.  I have become somewhat of a social racer, though I never thought I would.  I'll just say that I like to play, a lot.  Which, I should have another blog about my view of trail racing up later this week or next.  It's titled, Act your shoe size, not your age!  Enough for now.

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