Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Training: Week of April 4, 2010

Total mileage: 80
Races: Pilot Mountain Payback - Marathon   1st   3:15.15

Sun - Afternoon 8m @~8.00 with Cory   Total - 8

Mon - Afternoon 2m @~8.20   Total - 2

Tue - Lunch 7m @8.12; Afternoon 5m @8.20   Total - 12

Wed - Morning 4m @8.04; Afternoon 8 @~8.00 with fast strides   Total - 12

Thu - Afternoon 8m @~7.55   Total - 8

Fri - Morning 4m @8.00; Afternoon 4m @~7.55   Total - 8

Sat - Morning 30m - Pilot Mountain Payback - Marathon  3:15.15; added 4m after   Total - 30

Back to working like a madman again, so slow getting this week's running up.  I am chasing gypsy moths now, they are hard critters to track.  This week of training was good, just taking the week easy to get my legs back under me.  My legs were actually a little better on Sunday after Mt. Penn.  They just couldn't go at Mt. Penn.  The run and conversation with Cory on Sunday was nice treat.  Though the legs were doing better, my gluts were really sore Sunday and Monday.  I get a lot of second day soreness, so Monday was worse.  I don't know if the gluts were doing the work that the rest of my legs couldn't or what.  I don't normally get sore in the gluts.  Maybe that's what happens when you get your ass kicked.

Pilot Mountain Payback was fun.  I treated it more like a good long run.  It was nice being out on the trails.  I did a lot of talking on the way out the Corridor Trail.  The girl leading the half said I was full of stories, she did say that she liked them.  The run up Mountain Trail was the best, I just really like this trail.  It is rocky and technical, then the upper part is narrow through mountain laurels and boulders.  I passed some lamas on the course.  Seriously, some folks were walking some lamas near the pinnacle area.  I got in the lead just before the pinnacle area.  They guy and I went back and forth a little down the mountain.  He stopped at the aid station at the park office around 18? miles.  I kept going and took the lead again.  He was close for a while and then dropped off.  On the way in on Corridor Trail, I noticed a runner had dropped his chewing tobacco.  Can't believe a runner doesn't go back to get that.

After finishing, I hung around for a bit, ate pizza and chips, had some Coke, filled my bottle, and headed back out Corridor Trail for a few extra miles.  I stopped a ways out to wait for Stacey to come.  It was cool being out for a bit, watching runners come by, and encouraging them in.  I ran the last couple of miles in with Stacey.  She said she felt rough and I said that is pretty normal for long races.  Crystal came in soon after Stacey finished.  It was Stacey's and Crystal's first marathons.  I think they "enjoyed" the experience.  I was nice to hang out with them and to see some other folks out there that I knew.  I think races are becoming social affairs for me.

Later I walked back out Corridor Trail to meet Alison and help her sweep the last of the trail.  She swept basically the entire course, so her knee is doing okay.  She is also running a little now.  It was nice walking back in with her and talking.  She had also worked registration before the race.  We both had a fun day.  Abran did a great job putting on his first race.  Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

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