Sunday, January 24, 2010

Training: Week of Jan. 17, 2010

Total mileage: 80
Races: none

Sun - Off

Mon - Morning 4m @7.34;  Afternoon 8m @7.52   Total - 12

Tue - Morning 4 1/2m @7.41 with strides;  Afternoon 8 1/2m @7.22   Total - 13

Wed - Morning 4m @7.32;  Afternoon 10m - 3 1/2m tempo on the track(5.48; 5.47;
           5.46; 2.53)  Avg. 5.47  Total - 14

Thu - Morning 8m @7.31;  Afternoon 5m @7.30   Total - 13

Fri - Morning 8m @7.31;  Afternoon 4m @~7.30   Total - 12

Sat - Morning 8m @~7.40;  Afternoon 8m @~7.45   Total - 16

Recovery week, but I still have some aches and pains bothering me more than I would like.  So next week may be about the same mileage or less.  I did some officiating at a Virginia Tech indoor meet on Friday and Saturday.  There was some great competition there.  I was sitting right beside Deedee Trotter in the outside lane before the start of her 400.  I told Alison I should have reached out and put my hands around one of her quads to measure it; she had some big quads.  But that might have made her mad and we would have had to fight:)  I might could have asked first.  Hazel Clark was also there running and Lacy Johnson was pole vaulting.  Sam Chelanga, the 2009 NCAA CC champion, ran the mile with Josh McDougal rabbiting through about 800.  I actually met Sam at White River 50 Mile in 2008.  He was there to watch a friend.  Ended up hanging out with him and others after the race.  Then drove Sam, his friend, and Howard Nippert back to the airport the next day.  Kind of a random meeting.

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  1. Solid few weeks leading up to Sidehiller! See you there :)