Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting to Speak

                Narrow Opening

starting to speak

inhibitions renew

and grips confusion’s fear

he burst and spew

full inside

but no opening just a crack

to seep out the light

or more the tears

a trickle down the long hallway

only this small fracture

only little release

This is something that I wrote on the first page of a journal in August 2000.  I find it fitting for my first post on my blog.  I am not sure how to do my blog, so it will basically be like me, random.  I would not consider it necessarily a running blog, but there will be a lot of blogs about running.  Running is a big part of my life, but it is not my life.  There is sure to be some personal philosophy and religion.  Those are big parts of me as well.  I plan on my blogging to be just as my title says, Life through the eye of a runner, albeit a rather warped runner.  So beware, as many of my friends know, you never know what will come out of me.  Or when.  Follow my blog at your own risk.  I am not responsible for any brain damage caused from reading this blog.


  1. Jason,Thanks for inviting me to view your blog. I think it will be fun to share in some of your experiences in this way!

  2. Good to have you in the blogging world!

  3. Jason, Welcome to the blogosphere. I joined your blog as a follower and would welcome you to do the same on mine. Seems like we have some of the same philosophy--a blog not solely about running but also the rest of life and all their intersections. Great to see you on Saturday and I look forward to catching you at the next race. I posted my race report and garmin info for the race at:

    I'm getting ready for the Umstead Marathon on March 6 so the next few weeks I will try increase my overall volume. Long runs have been good, but my goal is to add in three two-a-days per week. We'll see how the legs respond. Take care and give my best to Alison.