Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Ups and Downs of Spain

Hola.  I was blessed to be invited to race and visit some in Spain by a new friend that I met this past August at TransRockies, Lolo Diez.  It has been a blast so far.  My first race was on Saturday and went okay I was 6th overall and 3rd Master.  It was cool to make to podium for Masters.

2600+' of vertical in 4K, and snow.  Like 3' at the top.
Pretty sweet photo by Ruben Fueyo, Thanks!

Zinca is 3rd from left, Raul is to my right.
My time was 34:45.  The winner was Ionut Zinca in 30:55, who is a top European mountain runner.  Raul Garcia Castan, a very well known Spainish mountain runner, was 3rd and 1st Master. 

Sunday was a 31K mountain race, Carrera Alto Sil.  The race was voted the best international mountain race in Spain by  The course was challenging, beautiful, nasty footing, vertical; just right for me.  My legs were done at 8K.  I think it was a combination of travel, 40 hours without sleep while traveling, and the vertical race the day before.  It was frustrating to be unable to race, but I walked a lot and covered the whole course.  It was a beautiful course.  Regardless of the difficulties, I hope I am learning to appreciate more of all the lessons that running, mountains, and God are teaching me, no matter how difficult for me to face.  Below I'll post some photos.  I'll try to write more about my experience and reflections when I return.  You can also check my Facebook page as there are more photos and links to photos.

The Wall - At 4K
Running up to mountain hut in Spainish Pyrenees

Some ruins under peak up the mountain behind our lodging

Oswaldo climbing behind ruins

Oswaldo, Stephan, and JB

Hopping around Spain


  1. Nice pictures. Glad that you learned how to spell Hola. :)

  2. Cool! I am glad that things are going well.