Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TransRockies - Day 1

This will be brief as I need to go to sleep.  I thought today's stage went well for Scott and I.  It was a little tough, I think mainly just from being hot and altitude.  Altitude and/or the dry air seems to be messing with my breathing/mild asthma.  I was little tight in the chest and had a nose bleed for a half-hour or so.  I was interesting to see Scott's and mine differences.  I think that I am a stronger climber, but that is my norm.  Scott is faster, which is normal for me compared to most.  We finished in 5th place today in the open team category in 2:45.02.  The first team was 2:15.?? and as I knew those guys, I knew they were fast.  But that was smoking.  Max King smoked the 3 day individual category with 2:11.??.  I felt fairly good afterward and really fine later in the day.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.  It was great see so many people I know to some degree and meet a few new folks.

Tomorrow is going to suck.  I haven't looked over all the day's stages, just thinking one day at a time.  I looked over stage 2 this evening.  2.6 mile climb around 20% up to 12,500 elevation, then 17% descent over 3.8 miles.  Now just 5 rolling hot miles to the finish.  It's going to be a suffering day, but with great views I'm sure.  Yea, it's just going to suck, so I'm going to sleep.

Maybe I'll find some wifi tomorrow to tell you just how bad.

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