Monday, August 13, 2012

Is this blog about TransRockies?

I am out in Denver staying with a guy with an undiagnosed mental disorder.  That is Chris Payton says that he hasn't been diagnosed with any mental disorders.  Same thing I said right?  Or basically the same.  I think we just agreed that I use some unique wording sometimes.  Today, Scott Williams and I head over to Buena Vista for the start of TransRockies 2012.  Scott may be in for a long week as I am already well into random story telling mode.  He actually said that he was warned about that.  So I come with a warning now.  In all truth, I probably should.  So you've been warned.
TransRockies will definitely be a new experience, racing 6 days in a row.  Our plan is to take the first day under control and stay consistent over the 6 days.  We'll see how that works out.  I think I am much better mentally than two weeks ago.  I've caught up with the moth hunting and de-stressed a bit with other things.  I just turned 40 last week although this won't really count as me racing as a master. Scott and I are racing in the open category.  Though Alison congratulated me on my first masters sex last week.  It made me laugh.  There has been no drop off in performance as yet.  Hopefully, if you've read my blog before you know I like finding humor in life.
Hopefully this week will be filled with plenty of humor, testing, learning, socializing, and running.  I'll try to post everyday I can with my experiences and the days results.  I should have time unless I get to talking too much.  Thanks Chris for letting us stay with you and listening to my foolishness.

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  1. J-Dog, I can always count on you to share just a little bit more than I was prepared for!

    Have a great time up there in the Rockies.