Saturday, February 4, 2012

First Stop on the La Sportiva Mountain Cup, Uwharrie Mountain Run: Chasing Ghost

Today's race at Uwharrie Mountain Run went fairly well. I started out as I normally do, aiming for a steady pace. I quickly settled into 6th place with Scott Williams. Scott said he considers himself an even pace type of runner as well, so we were a good fit. He and I would end up running almost the entire race together, all but about 2 miles at about 1:36. I turn my balky right ankle again here and told Scott to go by. I'd be limp running for a bit. Scott was nearly out of sight before I got back to running and it took a while more before I was back to really running. It took about 2 miles to finally catch back up. It was nice to be running with Scott and to talk a bit. Those that know me, know I'm somewhat social.

By the the first road crossing at 16 minutes the other 5 guys were out of sight. About 45 minutes in, Tom Clifford came back into sight. He had run a 1:08 half-marathon 3 three weeks ago and came to the start with a bit of a cold. Tom ended up dropping at 8 miles. This race was more of the same for me, basically. That same being just pushing and believing someone will come back into sight. I call it “chasing a ghost.” Unlike road racing where you can typically see a long way, trail races can leave you wondering where your competitors are. I'm not good at going out fast and hanging on. So I figure on running the fastest I can and that'll beat whoever it beats. Around 17 miles, Duncan Hoge came into sight and our patient ”ghost chasing” was paying off. Then around 18, David Roche came into sight. He had led most of the race, but had gotten off course for a while. Somewhere around here I had the conversation with Scott about needing to race for the position for the Mountain Cup. I said that I was all good with any move he made. I didn't want to run with him for over 2 hours and then throw my own surprise move in the last mile. Scott said he was really training through for the Mt. Mitchell Challenge and he wasn't making any moves. Girls in high school never threw any moves on me either. I was glad of no moves this time, I'm married anyway. Which Alison won the women's race, promising to throw some moves on me. I hope that will be a good thing.

It was a good start to Mountain Cup season. Plus, it was nice to race again after the long layoff. Here's the guys top 5.

1st Ryan Woods

2nd Patrick Reaves

3rd Jason Bryant

4th Scott Williams

5th David Roche

Mike Mason won the 40 Mile race with Jonathan Allen getting 2nd.

By the way, typing with a contraption strapped to your arm is a little difficult. I started using a bone stimulator this week. I wear it for 3 hours a day for at least the next two months. Plus continuing the hour + in a twisting contraption. I'd recommend not breaking your arm. And if you do, most definitely don't do it quite so significantly as I did.

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