Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Training Weeks of February 13 - February 20

Week of February 13

Total mileage: 57
Races: Pilot Mountain Payback Marathon 1st 3:05.56 CR

Sun - Off

Mon - Afternoon 8m @7.24 Total - 8

Tue - Morning 4m @7.50; Evening 6m @7.43 Total - 10

Wed - Evening 6m slow w/ Abran marking the PMPB course Total - 6

Thu - Afternoon 4m slow w/ Stacey Total - 4

Fri - Afternoon 4m @7.15 w/ strides Total - 4

Sat - Morning 25m - Pilot Mtn. Payback Marathon(24 miles) 4400' climbing
3:05.56 - 7.45 Avg. Total - 25

Week of February 20

Total mileage: 60
Races: Hardcore Serious Trail 10K 2nd 42.15

Sun - Off

Mon - Evening 10m @7.35 Total - 10

Tue - Morning 4m @7.36; Evening 8m @~7.30 Total -12

Wed - Morning 4m @7.29; Afternoon 8m - Hills- 830m@5.23 pace, 700m@5.23 pace,
565m@5.17 pace, 320m@5.00 pace Total - 12

Thu - Afternoon 8m @~7.34 Total - 8

Fri - Afternoon 8m @~7.20 Total - 8

Sat - Morning 10m - Hardcore Serious Trail 10K(~7m?) 42.15 Total - 10

There is a 7th grader who runs with our high school group some named Elvis. His older brother ran at the high school a couple of years ago and Elvis started coming with him this summer. A week or so ago, Elvis asked if anyone has ever run across all seven continents. I said I didn't know of anyone, but I wasn't sure. Elvis said he wants to be the first and asked if I would help crew him. He said that he wanted to be an ultra runner when he gets older. After a little more conversation, he asked me, "Are you an ultra runner?" Yes Elvis, I am. He had been looking on the internet about various extreme running adventures. I'd say most, if not all, of the kids I work with wouldn't know I was an "ultra runner." They just know I run longer races than normal, they're busy being teenagers. It was a fun conversation with Elvis. He asked what I thought of his future plans and if they were crazy. I told him to keep dreaming big things and imagining what it'd be like to do them. Crazy dreams keep us smiling.

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