Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training Weeks of February 27 - March 20

Week of February 27

Total mileage: 70
Races: Nueces 50 Mile 3rd 6:51.35

Sun - Off

Mon - Morning 4m @7.29; Afternoon 5m @8.00 Total - 9

Tue - Afternoon 7m - Track Tempo 3m - 17.15 (5.45, 5.46, 5.43) Total - 7

Wed - Off

Thu - Lunch 4m @7.57 w/ Cory Total - 4

Fri - Off

Sat - Morning 50m - Nueces 50 Mile 6:51.35 - 8.14 Avg. Total - 50

Week of March 6

Total mileage: 10
Bike: 22
Races: None

Sun - Off

Mon - Off

Tue - Off

Wed - Off

Thu - Afternoon 7m @~7.30 w/ Cory Total - 7

Fri - Afternoon 3m @~7.30 Total - 3

Sat - Afternoon - Bike 22m @19.8 mph

Week of March 13

Total mileage: 5
Bike: 136.5
Swim: 2
Races: None

Sun - Afternoon - Bike 15 @17.8 mph

Mon - Morning - Bike 12m @19.2 mph; Afternoon - Spin Bike 25 minutes(=8m)
High Spin(120 rpm)-Climb workout Total Bike - 20

Tue - Afternoon 5m @7.38 w/ HS guys Total - 5

Wed - Morning - Swim 1m @33.52; Afternoon - Bike 23m @ 20.4 mph

Thu - Afternoon - Bike 10m @ 21.1 mph

Fri - Morning - Swim 1m @33.42

Sat - Morning - Bike 68.5m @20.1 mph

Week of March 20

Total mileage: 30
Bike: 16
Swim: 1
Races: Bel Monte 25K 2nd 1:59.33

Sun - Afternoon - Swim 1/2m @17.20

Mon - Morning - Bike 16m @ 20.4 mph; Evening 5m @~7.26

Tue - Off

Wed - Evening 8m - Track Tempo 3 1/2m - 20.13 Avg. 5.46 Total - 8

Thu - Off

Fri - Off

Sat - Morning 17m - Bel Monte 25K - 1:59.33

I thought I should get my training up so everyone can see how messed up my training gets sometimes. The right ankle/foot issues from Nueces have been a bit worse than I would have hoped. The pain is on the inside part of the ankle and runs down into the arch of the foot. Running can irritate it significantly. Biking bothers it somewhat and swimming sometimes. Then again it hurts just walking sometimes and definitely hurts some working at the nursery. By two weeks after Nueces, it didn't hurt while running or biking, but would be worse afterward. It was feeling much better last week, almost well. Of course I took a lot of time off. Then I ran Bel Monte. The foot starting hurting a little two miles in and progressed to quite painful by 40 minutes in. The race was quite fun otherwise. Ryan Woods and I ran together for the first 10 miles or so. We were running comfortable(other than my foot) and talked throughout the 10 miles. Everyone seems to think I did most of the talking. Ryan talks a bit too when we run together. Coming down Torrey Ridge trail before the drop off the mountain, Ryan decided to go by and secure the win. He broke Aaron's course record with 1:56.04. I got in under 2 hours with 1:59.33. I think we are the only three to run under 2 hours. I was surprised to run that fast with how we ran the first 1:06. I think both of us could have run several minutes faster, that's only conjecture though. It was fun hanging out afterwards. Alison ran and finished second to Annette Bednosky. Alison hadn't run for 9 weeks, but got in a couple of days the week before the race. We hung around to see my friend, Mark Lundblad, break my 50 Mile course record by about 40 seconds. A fun day.

I've been icing my foot a lot. I found a walking boot and have been using it as much as I can this week. I've been using a lace up brace to work. I've done some laser treatments and DMSO. I'm doing a half-marathon in Boise this weekend, part of the La Sportiva Mountain Cup. I think I'll be fine, it'll just hurt, right?

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  1. Good seeing you and Alison at Bel Monte. I hope that foot heals up fast and I hope you have a great race in Idaho. Your CR was very tough to beat, I'm sure you can go get it back. Next year I'll watch you & return the favor of the mooning! thanks!!