Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Training Week of August 8, 2010

Total mileage: 50
Races: none

Sun - Morning 4m @8.01 Total - 4

Mon - Lunch 8m @~8.00 at Tanglewood Park Total - 8

Tue - Evening 8m - 3 1/2m tempo @5.46 avg. Total - 8

Wed - Off

Thu - Evening 10 1/2m - 4 x 1200m(3.59, 4.00, 3.59, 3.59) with 600m rec. Total - 10 1/2

Fri - Off

Sat - Morning 19 1/2m @7.52 Total - 19 1/2

This past week was pretty good. The back was feeling much better. I got in two good workout and a long run. Then a new week started. Early this week, the back started acting up again big time. Only now the problem has swapped sides???? I am having the exact same issues, it's just on the left side now??? The low back hurts some. But sharp pains and significant weakness in the left glute with some pains traveling down the back of the leg. I had been planning on doing the 24 Hour Championships, now that looks a bit doubtful. I feel like I'm straddling the yellow line, standing in the middle of the road, just waiting to get hit from either direction. Of course then I wouldn't have to worry about what to do. But I haven't gotten run over lately, so why not limp through a race in New Mexico. Taos Up and Over 10K, ~16% up for 3 miles and ~14% down for 3.5 miles. Maybe I'll feel better after that, or worse, or the same. One of those. At least I'm still running even if it isn't pretty. Then again I've never been accused of being pretty.

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