Friday, May 28, 2010

Training: Weeks of May 9 and May 16, 2010

Week of May 9

Total mileage: 51
Races: none

Sun - Evening 7m up and down Fisher's Peak   Total - 7

Mon - Lunch 4m @~8.45;  Evening 6m @7.34   Total - 10

Tue - Evening 5m up and down Fisher's Peak(turned ankle again)   Total - 5

Wed - Morning 3m @~8.30; Evening 7m @6.51   Total - 10

Thu - Morning 2 1/2 @8.00; Evening 5m @7.31   Total -  7 1/2  

Fri - Morning 11 1/2 up and down mountains in Devotion   Total - 11 1/2

Sat - Off

Week of May 16

Total mileage: 37
Races: Jemez Trail Half-Marathon  5th  1:44.00

Sun - Morning 4 1/2 with work   Total - 4 1/2

Mon - Off

Tue - Evening 6m - 3m Tempo Run Avg. 5.51   Total - 6

Wed - Lunch 2 1/2m   Total - 2 1/2

Thu - Morning 3m at Bluff Mountain   Total - 3

Fri - Morning 4m @~8.00 in the Sandia foothills by Albuquerque   Total - 4

Sat - Morning 17m - Jemez Half-Marathon  5th  1:44.00

What to say?  There is still a knife in my ass that hurts on really every run.  The best thing about Jemez was finding that my glute is not working.  Again I believe that is from my back.  Ryan Woods, the winner at Jemez, is a chiropractor and he looked at me after the race.  He found that my SI joint was jammed/stuck, which I knew.  He got that freed up some which felt good.  Ryan did some muscle test and found my right glute was blown out, not working at all.  It was good to finally have a pinpoint on the current problem.  I saw him in Boone, NC on Tuesday so hopefully I'm headed in the right direction.  I think the glute issue is a nerve issue, I could be wrong.  But on Tuesday, Ryan said all the other muscles in the area, including hip flexors were strong.  Plus when I do the exercises he gave me, it is often hard to do the first couple of repeats.  The last few are the easiest.  At least I know something to do that feels productive.  It is good to know something other than, "I can't make my legs go."  That made me sound like a mental case.  I may be a mental case, but not in that way.

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